Advanced turning calculations and turning simulations for buses.

BusWIN is an advanced turning simulation software like CornerWIN, but made for buses.

In BusWIN you have several bus chassis to choose from a list with pre-defined data. You can also modify the data and give body measures to get the turning radius and rear-end outswing calculations.

In BusWIN you can also give wheel angles separately for the inner and outer wheel for better precision on minimum turning radius calculations.

Language options in BusWIN

BusWIN has following language optoins:

Seating Plan

Interior planning and weight distribution software for Camping Vans and Buses

Seating plan is a part of BusWIN and it can be used for planning the interior in Camping vans and Minibuses. With this software you can calculate the final weight for each wheel separately as you add seats, tables, refrigirators etc into the van. This software has a number of accessories pre-defined and it also contains some predefined van models. The empty weight for each wheel can be defined by the user.

The weight calculation is shown as a weight table below the picture.

Language options in Seating Plan

Seating plan is available only in English

















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