Theoretical brake calculations for trailers, semitrailers and dolly.

BrakeWIN does the theoretical brake calculation for trailer brakes. The user can choose: axles, tyres, brake cylinders, levers, valves (also EBS valves included), from the menu in listboxes.

BrakeWIN calculates braking ratio, the coefficient of friction, brake forces, parking brake etc. The program allows you to print the brake corridors and other calculation documents for approval.

BrakeWIN checks braking forces and friction curves for each axle separately as well as for the whole trailer. BrakeWIN also calculates parking brake force and friction needed for the parking brake axles in both up- and downhill situations.

BrakeWIN has a number of trailer, semitrailer and centre axle trailer air brake systems that You can to start from. This builds up a standard system with the common components already in place. The user can then modify the air brake diagrams and change components and add/remove components if needed.

The result can be seen directly after the changes have been done and adjustments can easily be made by clicking on the component-buttons directly on the picture.

For outprint there are several printout documents and the user can select which documents to be printed. 

Language options

BrakeWIN can have following language options:














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