Pulling force, gradiability and vehicle speed calculation software.

This software can be bought as a standalone program but it can also be bought as an additional module to the TrailerWIN program.

The program contains data for Iveco, Man, Mercedes and Hino models. The program offers information on engine performance, gearbox ratios and rear axle ratio. The user also has the possibility to select tyres and define the vehicle mass.

You can modify all data to match the desired vehicle configuration. It is also possible to add own engines and gearboxes to the program.

DrivelineWIN is mainly used for trucks and buses, but it is also possible to calculate diagrams for passenger cars, tractors etc.


In DriveLineWIN you can see 3 different diagrams; a Speed diagram, a Force diagram and a gradeability diagram. After you have defined the engine, the gearbox, the rear-axle ratio and the tyres you can select between the diagrams and see the results.

Air resistance calculation

In Driving force and gradeability diagrams you can also calculate with air resistance and head wind. By giving information about front-area and CW-koefficient the program can take the air resistance into the calculation.

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