Subframe calculation software.

FrameWIN is a software created for frame/subframe stress calculations. It helps you to choose a suitable subframe-profile when assembling crane and tailgate lifters on trucks or trailers.

In FrameWIN you define the frame of the truck and then start to build up a subframe from one or several different beams. The software calculates for stresses and bending moments and gives you a safety factor for both rigid and flexible mounting of the subframe. You also have the possibility to add additional beams inside the truck's frame beam.

Crane moment automatically from TrailerWIN calculation with crane

When You launch FrameWIN from TrailerWIN you will automatically get the crane moment transferred into the new FrameWIN calculation. However it is also possible to change this data directly in FrameWIN if needed.

Pre-defined profiles

In FrameWIN you will have pre-defined profiles that you can add to the subframe. You will also find some pre-defined truck frame profiles that can be chosen for the chassis frame. You can also modify these profiles directly in FrameWIN.

Subframe calculation for tailgate lifters

FrameWIN also allows you to calculate the frame and subframe for tailgate lifters. You define the weights and load for the tailgate lifters directly in FrameWIN and will then get safety factors and stresses calculated the same way as for cranes.

Limitations in the software

FrameWIN does not calculate stresses for the whole length of the frame. You will get a calculation of the frame profiles below the crane slew center only. For advanced bending and stress calculations throughout the frame You will need more advanced software like FEM or similar. 

Language options

FrameWIN is availble in the following languages:










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